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Shipco Stacked Deaerator Systems

What is a stacked deaerator system? It’s a deaerator mounted above the surge tank and piped together in one piece in order to save money, time and space.

Imagine a crowded boiler room, and the system has returns so there really should be a Surge Tank. If there is not enough floor space, or head space, for a 2 Compartment Deaerator or 2 side-by-side elevated receivers, put in a Shipco stacked Deaerator and Surge package! By building a floor mounted surge tank with the pumps on the receiver head, and deaerator stacked above, we can build this 12,000 Lbs/Hr packaged unit into a 126” L x 68” W x 110” H footprint.

For more info on Shipco deaerator systems:

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