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With over 30 plus years of dedicated experience in the New York Metropolitan area, MJD Combustion Sales has built a business specializing in the delivery of the best equipment and expertise for a complete boiler room solution.


Boiler Feed/Condensate Pump Packages; Vacuum Boiler Feed/Condensate Units; Flash Recovery Vessels; Blow Down Separators; Blow Down Tanks; Dilution Tanks; Deaerators; ASME Vessels; Turbine and Centrifugal Pumps


The Camus family of Gas Fired residential, Commercial and Industrial High Efficiency, Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers and Hydronic Water Heaters.

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Enviroflo Hydronic Pumps Specialties including Horizontal Split Case, End Suction and Vertical In-Line Pumping Equipment, Hydronic Specialties and Heat Transfer Equipment


Constant and Variable Speed Pump Packages, Water Booster Skid Systems


Air Separators, Chill Water Tanks, Epoxy Line Storage Tanks, Flash Tanks, Well Tanks, Hydronic Heating Exp. Tanks, Thermal Exp. Tanks, Hi Capacity Air Vents, Chemical Feeder Tanks, Glass Lined Storage Tanks


Packaged Pumping Systems; Fuel Oil Pump Sets and Packaged Heat Transfer Systems


Power Gas Conversion Burners Ranging from 50,000 to 2,500,000 BTU Input


Loytec Building Automation Systems and Integration Products - providers of intelligent networked control products for building automation. LOYTEC develops, manufactures, and distributes router and gateway solutions, embedded Automation Servers and I/O Controllers, the room automation system L-ROC, DALI lighting controls, the VAV system LIOB-AIR, and also graphical user interfaces in the form of touch panels or via PCs or mobile devices. 


Heat Transfer Specialists providing Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, High Temperature and High Pressure Heat Exchangers, Replacement Tube bundles, ASME Vessels, Replacement Chiller Barrels, Custom and Replacement Fin Coils.

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