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Shipco® Aqueous™ is an economical method of automating functions on a Shipco® condensate, boiler feed, deaerator, vacuum condensate or vacuum boiler feed unit. Featuring a modular architecture that separates the crucial PLC component from the display HMI, Aqueous™ offers cost-effective configurations depending on end user requirements. The Aqueous™ display HMI is a NEMA 4 rated, full-color touchscreen with 3 different sizes: 4-, 7- and 15-inch. The standard PLC component is also expandable with additional I/O modules for larger applications. Pump control can be grouped into unique staging sequences along with customizable relay and analog outputs. In addition to typical differential pressure level transmitters and temperature RTDs, Aqueous™ also supports the economical Shipco® Transmitter for continuous level and temperature on smaller, less sophisticated applications.

Support for building automation protocols Modbus® TCP and BACnet™ IP are included via built-in Ethernet; serial RS-485 connection for Modbus® RTU and BACnet™ MS/TP is also included.

Aqueous Automated Water Controls™ or Aqueous AWC™ are typically used for (but not limited to) Condensate, Boiler Feed, Vacuum Producers, Vacuum Condensate, Vacuum Boiler Feed and Deaerators.

  • Control circuit disconnect

  • Audible alarm bell

  • Auto/Off/Continuous or Auto/Off/Hand switch per pump

  • 4-inch, 7-inch or 15-inch Color Touchscreen HMI, NEMA 4

  • Pump control for up to 8 pumps with status indication for idle/run/fault as well as totalized and cycle based run timers

  • Pumps can be configured with 3 unique staging sequences (e.g., vacuum, boiler feed, condensate, recirculation, etc.)

  • Up to 7 Relay outputs configured per application. Typically used for on/off operations based on sensor inputs (e.g., makeup, drain, steam injection, electric heaters, recirculation solenoids, blowdown timers, etc.)

  • Analog input for continuous Tank Level, Tank Temperature, Tank Pressure, Pump Discharge Pressure(s), System Pressure(s) used for pump staging, 2 flowmeters with temperature, 3 configurable spare sensors. Sensors priced separately unless otherwise noted.

  • Up to 8 Analog outputs configured per application. (e.g., modulated makeup, modulated steam regulators, VFD speed, etc.)

  • Modulated vent sequence for Deaerators

  • Communication with building automation and management systems via BACnet™ IP, BACnet™ MS/TP, Modbus® TCP or Modbus® RTU protocols

  • Optional HMI cover for NEMA 4X and outdoor UV protection



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