These units are configured with modular assembly that allow for a custom design burner to meet your needs. Two-step and full modulating control burners and special safety controls that meet I.R.I., F.M., requirements are also available. Compact design makes for easy installation and serviceability and units are adaptable to most medium sized applications with its four basic models covering a large variety of capacities from 300 to 2,500 MBH.  Small firing tube diameter makes for easy oil to gas conversion.  Units have a flame retention plate which creates a tight ring of flame that stops the danger of blow-off or flash-back, and units have been designed to completely mix fuel gas and combustion air for unexcelled combustion efficiency.

The units can be used in downdraft boilers, furnaces, ceiling suspended furnaces and limited space areas as the low maintenance spark ignited pilot can function under very adverse conditions. Efficient combustion is obtained as quiet, high speed blowers provide the exact amount of necessary combustion.

The G series comes with the most up-to-date electronic microprocessor based flame safeguard system which employs flame rectification for flame detection. A complete safe start check and run control sequence is provided with instantaneous response and shut down upon loss of flame

All units are shipped fully assembled and have been fire tested at the factory to assure operation reliability.



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