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Shipco Pumps - Oval Tank

Oval Tank?

Do you have a project with space limitations? Ever give up on a job because you didn’t think your manufacturer would build a custom tank for your application? Shipco® will build to your custom specifications!

Ever try providing a large unit through a doorway with limited space? Try using a system that yokes a group of tanks together after they go through the doorway. Better yet, make an oval style tank (similar to a fuel oil tank used in homes). In addition, to Shipco’s® cast iron receivers, we can build tanks in black steel, 304L Stainless Steel and 316L Stainless Steel rectangular or cylindrical. Imagine the possibilities.

Remember, Shipco® manufacturers our tanks, as well as pumps. We can do just about anything you might need, so we encourage you to think outside of the box. An oval style tank may be a way of ensuring that the job moves easier with fewer fixed obstacles. Remember MJD Combustion Sales, Inc. and Shipco® when laying out your next project in that old boiler room where tearing that roof off or removing walls isn’t an option.

Putting the “custom” in customer!

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