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Shipco Pumps Announce SHC-MU Condensate Pump

The new Shipco® model Type SHC-MU uses a patented design pump which handles temperatures up to saturation with a low NPSH pump.

Type SHC-MU is made with an ASME-code stamped, cylindrical steel receiver with extremely low inlet height from floor to centerline. The top-mounted, close-coupled pump is bronze-fitted with an industry standard motor and uses a propeller shaft with its high temperature patented (U.S. patent #4,932,846) bearing design.

Type SHC-MU are available in either simplex or duplex configurations with a variety of options. The standard mechanical seals are for 250°F. Higher temperature seals and special faces available upon request. These units also eliminate the need for pump isolation valves since the pump is mounted on top of the receiver.

Another advantage is that these units can fit into a smaller floor space area than conventional Type SHC units. Standard configuration includes the Shipco® Transmitter coupled with Shipco®'s Type SLC controller for pump control and level/temperature monitoring; no float switches are needed.

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