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MJD Messenger - Shipco's Selection and Sizing Tools

Selection, Sizing and Simulation

The Shipco® Product Selector, is an efficient and effective tool for quick product selection for those on the move! It features Shipco's entire product line and is a systematic guide to finding the correct product, quickly.

This is an excellent tool for saving engineers time and money! You can use Product Selector to assist in choosing a product and MathWizard® to size the receiver and pumps.

NEW to the website- Shipco's Cost Savings & Payback tool can be used to calculate the estimated heat loss, fuel cost, and payback period when adding an external vent condenser to a deaerator.

Don’t forget our sample specifications are on the web now too, along with CAD dimension prints and product IOMs. Everything in one, easy to find location so that you can meet last minute requests without missing a beat.

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