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Why Specify SHIPCO®?

To start with, SHIPCO® has the largest selection of condensate, boiler feed, vacuum and deaerator models in the industry.

For condensate, boiler feed and vacuum units, SHIPCO® offers these key advantages:

· The largest number of one-piece “close-grained” cast iron condensate receivers with a standard 20-year warranty against corrosion failure (sizes from 6 gallons up to 500 gallons available)

· 2' Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) pumps that incorporate a propeller and straightening vanes to operate at the most efficient point on the pump curve and at the best operating speed of 3500 RPM

· Underground pumps that can handle water temperatures >200°F with depths ranging from 6 inches to 27 feet (U.S. Patent #4,932,846)

· Automatic flow control (balancing) valves with temperature ratings above 250°F provided as standard equipment on pumps with discharge pressures >75 PSIG.

· Isolation valves available for floor-mounted units with the “O” ring located in the suction valve housing

For surge tanks and deaerators, SHIPCO® offers these key advantages:

· 3/16" thick black steel is used as a standard minimum thickness for receivers up to 1000 gallons

· 300 series stainless steel tanks can typically be provided at the same or lower cost than Plasite #7156 lined steel tanks

· Manufactures both .03 and .005 atmospheric deaerators as well as .005 pressurized deaerator units

· Manufactures and warranties its own pumps for its deaerator units

· ASME code deaerator units have an extra 1/16" corrosion allowance as part of the standard design Additional engineering support services:

· CAD drawings of our units and wiring diagrams available to engineers at no additional cost

· Factory-certified pump test results provided at no additional cost

· Factory-certified NPSH test results provided at no additional cost

· Most of our units with steel tanks can be custom sized at no additional cost

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