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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The wait is finally over! CAMUS Hydronics has released the newest addition to its product line-up with the addition of the AVENGER SERIES.

The Avenger Series features fully condensing stainless steel firetube boilers & water heaters. This series can reach up to 6 million BTU's, a first of its kind in the Camus product family! Even with this power this series continues to follow Camus' environmentally friendly mission.

With this exciting news, we would like to provide the opportunity to learn more about these fantastic units! Continue reading to learn more about the Avenger Series. CLICK HERE / THE PHOTO ABOVE TO VIEW A PRODUCT BROCHURE.

As always, any questions or for further information, visit our website or contact us at

We are excited to help you incorporate this or any other of the great CAMUS Hydronics products into your next project!

Now more on the AVENGER:

Advanced and Proven Controls

The Avenger will utilize the integrated Honeywell SOLA. It features a 7” color touch screen, provides remote operation through 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc for set point or fire rate control. The controller has the ability to control multiple pump operation alongwith integration of up to 8 boilers on a lead-lag configuration and implementation of an outdoor reset schedule. Up to 8 SOLA devices may be monitored and controlled with one single display, permitting ease of integration with a building management system. The SOLA control is Modbus RTU ready and capable of alternative protocols through the use of a gateway. Camus customers who have implemented a condensing boiler system that is operating a SOLA controller, can now seamlessly integrate an Avenger boiler into their Lead-Lag sequence.

Boiler efficiency starts with the burner

The Avenger utilizes a 100% stainless steel burner with a dual gas train, which due to its design, is able to maintain efficiency and low Nox. The burner is designed to combust a precise amount of premixed combustion air and gas to provide equal distribution of heat throughout the entire heat exchanger. The stainless steel burner has increased resistance to temperature induced stresses, while still providing reliable heat transfer, smooth operation and stable flame signal even at very low outputs. Premix technology in combination with a condensing heat exchanger maximize the efficiency and limit emissions.

Standard Features

•160 PSI working pressure•Fully welded construction with stainless steel pressure vessel, tubes, tube sheetsand combustion chamber•Modulating burner with up to 25:1 turn-down •ASME “H” and “HLW” stamped heat exchanger•Operating pressure as low as 12 PSI•Natural or propane gas operation•Radial fired knitted fiber stainless steel burner•Variable frequency drive (VFD) modulation •Modbus RTU standard, Protocol Translator available for other communication needs•Low NOx operation•Sealed combustion•Return water temperatures as low as 40°F•Inherent O2 trim•1 to 1 air/gas ratio control for proper combustion across entire modulation range•Rear Connections; water, gas, vent and electric•Local/Remote switch for building management, remote modulation and set-point control•SOLA Controller featuring cascade controls-lead lag up to 8 boilers on a single system

Advanced Heat Exchanger Design and Technology

The Avenger is constructed using 100% stainlesssteel. The superior two-pass firetube design reduces the cost of manufacturing, maintains performance, quality standards and maximizes efficiency. The first pass of the heat exchanger consists of stainless steel rifled tubes. The spiral design increases the turbulence within the tube, which optimizes the velocity of the combustion gases, increasing the heat transfer and efficiency of the boiler.

The second pass features a stainless steel oblong tube, which has a larger diameter compared to the rifle tubing. The oval design allows us to extract the latent heat from the flue gases, creating condensate in the process. The larger diameter tubes help the condensation to rain down the condensation chamber without restricting the tubes and effecting combustion. The oblongtube optimizes the condensing process by allowing the condensate to freely flow to the condensate tray.


Camus Hydronics is taking a leading role in the development of environmentally friendly products through innovative engineering as we incorporate the very latest technologies designed to create higher efficiency levels while lowering emissions. Camus is continually setting new benchmarks of excellence through skillfully engineered and solidly constructed high-efficiency products designed to provide years of reliable service and comfort.Additional specifications can be obtained by visiting our website or by contacting MJD Combustion Sales Inc.

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