Riello Burners in Stock

MJD Combustion currently has the following commercial Riello Burners in stock:

RLS28/HW - $8,271.09

RLS70/M - $9,974.49

RLS130/M - $10,881.75

RLS130/M - $11,203.63

RLS100/M - $8,572.50

RS100/M - $8,501.25

RLS28/HW - $6,802.05

RLS38/HW - $7,320.89

RLS50/M - $7,794.18

The following is included on all Dual Fuel Gas/Oil Burners:

- Remote Oil Pump Set

- Dual Ignition

- 4” Gas pressure required to fire maximum firing on burner

- Siemens Gas Trains, Vent-less type, Larger burner gas trains are pre-piped

- Voltage on the RLS70 to the RLS130 208/60/3 V

- Voltage on RLS28/M, 38M, and RLS50/M, 120/60/1 V.


- Full Modulation on all RLS-RS70-130

- Low High Low on all RLS28/M, RLS38/M, and RLS50/M

- All Burners include the Honeywell RM7800M combustion Control

- All Burners have Numbered Terminal Strips

Price does not including shipping or tax if applicable. Pickup available at our warehouse.

In addition, we have an extensive inventory of Riello spare parts available for immediate shipment to anywhere in the USA.

Please contact to inquire.

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