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AquaFlo Control- Plumbing Systems and Plumbing Accessories

Plumbing contractors around the world are using Aqua FloPac pre-engineered packaged systems to fulfill the need for reliable clean water supply. AquaFlo is made by Patterson Pumps, therefore proven quality and performance can be expected when installing these systems as part of your project!

AquaFlo Control Plumbing systems provide proven quality and reliability when it is necessary to have clean water at a controlled volume and pressure to be delivered. These can be used in a variety of applications including: high-density residential, light industrial, independent water systems, dormitories and office buildings.

These booster pumping systems help to remove the need for a job-by-job system engineering that include individual pumps, accessories and controls. These are a reliable and cost efficient solution for high demand applications. These units are highly customizable and are backed by experts to help implement custom installations.

These custom units are available with multiple pumps, controls and piping materials to fit each jobs specifications with a working pressure that goes up to 500 psi. Each unit can be fitted with their custom programmable system controller that allows for energy efficiency and management of all the system features. Included with this is a real time monitoring system, CloudStat, to allow for remote monitoring for the best possible efficiency and management of your system.

All units meet the NSF standards to meet the most rigorous standards for potable water.

We are always available to help and would be ecstatic for the opportunity to go into more depth on the AquaFlo Control systems along with any of our other product offerings.

Please feel free to reach out at 516-327-4870 or the AquaFlo section of our website by clicking here.

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